They say, writing is an escape from reality. Put it on the paper and it will never be forgotten.

It’s tough to stay anonymous these days, because everything and everyone is one click away from being fully visible to the rest of the world. I feel like people have become emotionally and spiritually secluded from one another, they have become secluded from the reality. We forgot what makes us human. People are caught up in becoming special, unique, different but in that constant effort, they are actually becoming like everyone else.

Another sad thing, is that people are too scared to show vulnerability, like something is wrong with that. But it’s okay to sleep around.

The truth is I am also scared to be vulnerable, and I question it why? What is it? You have been hurt so many times, and I don’t mean to sound cliché but if the experience has taught you a million lessons, then why don’t you try again, this time a little smarter? I feel like I’ve been there for the people, but have these people ever been there for me? Is it because I am scared to be vulnerable and weak, so they do not really have the chance to be there for me? Is it my fault, that I am bound to think that I should always exhibit strength even though I am crumbling deep inside?


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