I was never able to wrap my head around the fact that many people are constantly pressured for being single or ‘unable’ to find a partner. They tend to believe that being single, signifies their inability to keep a person around or that they are undesirable by other human beings (if you still identify like this).

Now, being with someone is totally desirable, even by a hopeless romantic like myself, however, there is a fine line between situations which happen spontaneously and those which are forced. For example, let’s take a look at tinder. A modern day disease, which has reduced the essence of love and attraction to a ‘right versus left swipe’ on a picture. What makes me furious is the fact that often the search for the significant other is not genuine at certain times. Often, the desire to obtain a partner is to show other people how you are capable of love and that other human beings are able to love you, for you.

It is important to consult with yourself first, before you embark on a journey of man/woman + 50 other genders (I am trying to be inclusive and politically correct) hunting. You need to speak to your inner feelings, and see whether you really need to have a partner and what are the reasons behind that. I believe, before you embark on a journey like this you need to understand yourself first. You need to build yourself, love yourself unconditionally, be the best version you can possibly be, before you start loving someone else.

Some people do not know how to be alone, and I feel like this is highly important to know. After all, you were born alone (not in case you are a twin) and you will die alone. It is important to connect with yourself and understand loneliness and spend time alone, before you embark on a bumpy journey of relationships.

I once heard: “The best asset you have, is you”


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