21 summers in my pocket, and I was able to conclude that love is like buying stocks. Yes, like stocks. When you first buy them, you need to be patient with it, let them grow, but also invest in other stocks in order to diversify the risk of losing that one stock you initially have put all your hopes in.

Same with love, you need to be patient with it because it sure does drive you crazy, but you also tend to cherish and value friendships with other people, just to have that ‘in case’ support system if something does go wrong, so you are not completely alone.

The value of stocks is like a rollercoaster, they go up and down, depending on different factors, which I’d rather not get into, because you my friend did not sign up for a course in finance on this blog. Anyways, with these ups and downs, from a long term perspective it is highly impossible to predict whether the whole investment is going to be valuable at the end. It might make you crazy rich, or you might just lose all the money you have invested in the first place.

Same with love , every day is a new day of this rollercoaster ride. But in this case, you are not investing your money, but time. One day you are head over heels in love, the other day you are in your lows. People fall in love and grow out of it, and it depends not only on the relationship between the two individuals, (three or more if you are polyamorous) but on the outside factors as well. Outside factors such as ‘other people’ or ‘specific circumstances’. And at the end you are unsure, whether this is going to workout and bring you joy, or you are going to experience a personal loss and devastation if things do not work out the way you expected it to go. At the end, it all comes down to calculating the cost and benefit of engaging into something called love, and whether gambling with your time is going to be worth at the end.


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